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Sustainable Meeting

What's all the talk about?

  • Mitigate the environmental impact of your meetings
  • Provide work and an income for communities in the developing world
  • Provide food for poor families

But don't take our word for it.

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What is Sustainable Meeting?

Sustainable Meeting is an all-in-one CSR and sustainability solution - a brand new platform here to help your clients, and businesses worldwide make a difference globally, enhance their brand's public reputation, and secure more deals!

Sustainable Meeting was developed in association with The Green Earth Appeal who have provided CSR for some of the worlds leading brands, including HSBC, NHS, JCT600, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren and BMW. The Green Earth Appeal has empowered global brands to change thousands of lives across the developing world by planting millions of fruit trees, providing food, education, income and the start to a sustainable future to communities in need.

What are the benefits to my business?

Whether you're a consultant responsible for your client's CSR/sustainability or looking to help your business achieve ISO accreditations -  Sustainable Meeting is the all-in-one solution, bringing a new level of value to your meetings - helping you to secure new business before your meetings even take place.


Demonstrate Social & Environmental Credentials


Boost Engagement With Your Employees


Impress Clients & Leave a Lasting Impression


Close More Deals – Win More Business


Achieve International Sustainability Accreditation


Help Your Brand Have a Positive Impact on The Planet